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"Andrew Robertson: great snow, great ice, great rain or drizzle or frost, great mist or fog, great wind or wet road, great anything really. And less expensive than all the others. OK, so that’s what SFX dudes do…. The difference is that Andrew and his ‘merry men’ have all got a fabulous attitude, are really nice to deal with and have on set and always have a smile on their face."

Helmke Moller, Producer, Moonlighting Film Production Services

About Us

The Elemental Effects team is led by special effects supervisor Andrew Robertson, who has culminated over 20 years experience in the South African Stills, Commercials, Television and Film Industry. He entered the film industry at a young age and soon discovered its many hardships and cut-throat reputation that “you are only as good as your last job”. His passion for the special effects industry has helped him endure and succeed in every task he undertakes.

Special effects is not just recreating rain on a sunny day or blowing up a car in an action film. Elemental Effects can create just about any effect one can image from the simulation of waterfalls and streams to exploding fruit. If Elemental has not done it yet, be assured that our experienced crew will design or adapt a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Please explore the site for a better idea of what we are capable of creating.

The Elemental Effects Team.


EFX Team

Andrew Robertson
Effects Supervisor
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Jannie Havenga
Effects Coordinator


Elani Allers
Prosthetics Artist
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Cate Uys
Project Manager

Some Of The Services We Offer
  Water Effects - Rain, flooding, road wetting, wave simulation, water curtain, water cannons ... more  
Snow Effects - Falling snow, snow in trees and bushes, ground snow (various products) ... more
Wind Effects - Wind machines, fans and blowers for hire, breeze to gale-force effects, balloons ... more
Explosions & Fire Effects - Burning buildings and vehicles, bon fires, camp fires, beach fires, fireballs ... more
Smoke & Related Effects - Ext. and int. smoke, mist, fog, dust rigs, cool safe steam, dry-ice smoke ... more
Rigs & other effects - Cut-away baths, basins & toilets, break-away props, miniatures, air rigs ... more
Special effects equipment - Smoke machines, wind machines, water pumps, blowers ... more
Prosthetics & Fabrication - Cut off limbs, bullet hits, articulated dummies, tattoos, moulding, weapons, collapsible walls ... more

and let us create it for you!


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