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Recent Clients

Listing some of the companies we have worked with lately:

  • African Film Services (A.F.S)
  • The Asylum
  • Cape Direct
  • Cape Town Productions
  • Cineworks
  • Delicious Films
  • Do Productions
  • Egg films
  • Film Africa
  • Fresh eye films
  • Frieze Films
  • Made in Africa (M.I.A) Films
  • Maximum Films
  • McKenzie Rudolph Film Services
  • Monkey Films
  • Moonlighting Commercials
  • Philo Films
  • Reeleyes Film Production
  • The Big Picture
  • The Shooting Gallery
  • Two Oceans Productions (T.O.P)
  • Velocity Africa
  • 7am Productions
  • AMA Productions
  • BirdFilm
  • Black Vanilla Production
  • Bouffant Films
  • Cool Banana
  • Dirk Molsen Production
  • The Farm Film Production
  • France Production
  • Gatehouse
  • Hanrahan Films SA
  • Infidels
  • Jump Production
  • Kalahari Pictures
  • Metal Tiger
  • Ola Films
  • One Step Beyond
  • Orange Films
  • Plank Film Production
  • Rolling Picture Company
  • ShapeShifters
  • Steel Production
  • Twin Films
  • Waterfront Television
  • Wishbone Production


We have recently set up a fabrications shop and brought on two prosthetic fabricators.

Our casting room is available to all mould making. We look forward to creating whatever you have in mind.

Welcome To Elemental FX

Elemental Effects has serviced a combination of over 1100 commercials, features, video and stills shoots in and around South Africa since its inception in 2000.

Each effect can be so different from the next that often employing state-of-the-art equipment is not possible or effective so existing systems needs to be adapted or redesigned to suit the need and make it a reality.

Elemental FX is all about making it look good on screen - whether it is explosive action or stunning weather effects, pouring rain or creepy fog, we can create the visual look you want, without you having to worry about overblown effects budgets and stressful management, allowing you to focus on your creative vision.

Contact us now, or look through our photo gallery and video pages!

Some Of The Services We Offer
  Water Effects - Rain, flooding, road wetting, wave simulation, water curtain, water cannons ... more  
Snow Effects - Falling snow, snow in trees and bushes, ground snow (various products) ... more
Wind Effects - Wind machines, fans and blowers for hire, breeze to gale-force effects, balloons ... more
Explosions & Fire Effects - Burning buildings and vehicles, bon fires, camp fires, beach fires, fireballs ... more
Smoke & Related Effects - Ext. and int. smoke, mist, fog, dust rigs, cool safe steam, dry-ice smoke ... more
Rigs & other effects - Cut-away baths, basins & toilets, break-away props, miniatures, air rigs ... more
Special effects equipment - Smoke machines, wind machines, water pumps, blowers ... more
Prosthetics & Fabrication - Cut off limbs, bullet hits, articulated dummies, tattoos, moulding, weapons, collapsible walls ... more

and let us create it for you!


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