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Recent Shoots

Listing some of the shoots we have done recently:

Kohl’s 2008, Calzedonia, Tchibo, Carlsberg Light, Deichmann, Bonne Maman, Corsodyl, Porch Speed master, Sony, Braun, VW 5, Sat 1, Miracle Whip, Alfa Laval, MG, Old el Paso, Opel / Vauxhall, Bradford & Bingley, MTN.

Investec, Daikin, BMWx5, Englhorn, Birds Eye, Beldacom, Lipton, GEK, Livocab, Konig Pilsner, Barclays Bank, Heart of Gold, 3 Bit Hydrant Revenge, Deka Reflections, B&Q, Alfa Blood Vessel, Project V, Skoda, Disgrace – Feature Film, Nivana, Supervalu, Coca-Cola Zero, Phonak, Alfa insurance, Brewmaster 2, Interrogation Room 3 – TV Series, O captain My captain – Feature Film, Lohas, Trident, Castrol, Lays 4 Seasons, Dogadan, Perwoll, Halls Breeze, Free View, Yardley London, Gaviscon, Chappies, Transito – TV series, Van Ryn, ABSA, Happy Dent, Citroen C4, Alvedon, Sprinter, Opel, Axe, VET 006, Volvo, Memes, Expedia, Volvo.

Jetta, Kohl, Peroni, CAN, Deutsche Bank, Rama, ING, Bavaria, Bio Bio, Egypt, Loka, Cyrillus CYR, Sin – Music Video , Mens health, Del Monte, Small World Liberia, Kia, Dunlop, Fosters, 10 000BC – Feature Film, Bundle, Hyundai, Ackerman’s Safari, To be first – TV Series, Play station, Faithless, Audi, Guinnes Malta, Esso, Fanta light, BFS, VO5, Aktion Mensch, Nissan, Opel, Firestone, Merc C, Toyota, ILVA, Expedia, Prudential, Palette, Du darfst.

Frisk, Audi , Steaky, Bio Luvil, 3 ‘You and Me’, Otto C, Granarolo 2, Proximus  Big, Mitchalin, Ericsson, Johnson & Johnson, Opel, J7, Pep Airtime, Wild, Whirlpool, Mama Jack – Feature Film, Kenwood ‘Brewmaster’, Lord of War – Feature Film, Pampers, Interrogation Room – TV Series, The Librarian 2 – Feature Film, Payless shoes, Switch on, VUKA, Active wipes Layfen, Rainbow Warrior – Feature Film, Follow your heart, Lotto, Vaxhaul, Jaguar.


We would just like to take this opportunity to enlighten you/your company with ourselves and our services.

Through thorough planning, resource manipulation and spontaneous solutions we will fulfil all your special effects requirements and make what seems the impossible, possible, while endeavouring to better any quote.
This year Elemental Effects has taken on a new approach to its business and is marketing its services world wide. Elemental Effects is able to service throughout South Africa and its neighbouring territories.

We look forward to the opportunity to quote on your next project.

Some Of The Services We Offer
  Water Effects - Rain, flooding, road wetting, wave simulation, water curtain, water cannons ... more  
Snow Effects - Falling snow, snow in trees and bushes, ground snow (various products) ... more
Wind Effects - Wind machines, fans and blowers for hire, breeze to gale-force effects, balloons ... more
Explosions & Fire Effects - Burning buildings and vehicles, bon fires, camp fires, beach fires, fireballs ... more
Smoke & Related Effects - Ext. and int. smoke, mist, fog, dust rigs, cool safe steam, dry-ice smoke ... more
Rigs & other effects - Cut-away baths, basins & toilets, break-away props, miniatures, air rigs ... more
Special effects equipment - Smoke machines, wind machines, water pumps, blowers ... more
Prosthetics & Fabrication - Cut off limbs, bullet hits, articulated dummies, tattoos, moulding, weapons, collapsible walls ... more

and let us create it for you!


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