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About 'Water '

One of the most common water effects we do is rain. There are numerous ways to make rain depending on what you want it to look like and what angle you want to shoot from. We have different rain equipment, from a very long overhead rain rig which can stretch along a path or a city street for 60m or more, travelling rain rigs on trucks that spray up a monsoon while travelling down the road at 60km/h, to small hand held rain wands for close up shots. All rain equipment requires trained special effects crew to assemble and operate it on set. Some of the things that can adversely affect or complicate a beautiful rain scene are the wind, water supply and the ground surface.

Available Effects:
  • rain
  • flooding
  • road wetting
  • wave simulation
  • water curtain
  • water cannons
  • water falls and streams
  • heated showers and swimming pools
  • overhead rain rigs
  • travelling rain rigs
  • hail effects
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Some Of The Services We Offer
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Special effects equipment - Smoke machines, wind machines, water pumps, blowers ... more
Prosthetics & Fabrication - Cut off limbs, bullet hits, articulated dummies, tattoos, moulding, weapons, collapsible walls ... more

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