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About 'Fire & Explosions'

The adrenalin rush when simulating explosions or the burning of a person, a building or even just a car, is something amazing. Fire is very powerful and can be extremely dangerous. Generally we supply or advise on fire safety and paramedic procedures Safety is paramount and all rigging needs to be done by experienced crew. When shooting an explosion or burn more time must be allocated and the film shoot needs to be slowed to a more realistic safe working environment before and during all fire related effects. Most controlled burns, except for a body burn, are rigged with gas as it can be turned up or down on cue. We also make use of liquid fuels like paraffin, diesel, benzene, petrol and alcohol. Each has a different flashpoint and burns with a different colour smoke, so once again it all depends what is required for the shot.

Available Effects:
  • burning buildings and vehicles
  • bon fires
  • camp fires
  • beach fires
  • fireballs
  • sparks
  • exploding vehicles and buildings
  • molitov cocktail
  • bullet hits
  • dust explosion
  • confetti cannons
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