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About 'Smoke'

Smoke equipment is basically divided into interior and exterior smoke. Interior smoke fluid is manufactured to be safe for interior use. Generally interior smoke machines and Fazer or Hazer machines can be used outside, but the smoke is thinner and usually less effective, also the equipment is mostly electric and or electronic and not designed to bash around in the dirt. On the other hand, exterior smoke machines like smoke mediums and propane foggers use an oil or Glycol fogging fluid, producing a thicker smoke that is not necessarily great to breathe in all day long in a film studio but looks very realistic in a forest. We have different smoke fluids for different equipment and applications, some are more flammable, some more eco friendly and some more expensive. There are various means of smoke distribution; one of the best for large areas is the smoke tube. It is a long plastic tube attached to a blower that forces the smoke down the tube and out random holes along the way, effectively distributing the smoke over a large area without seeing the source. Some smoke is toxic in large doses and generally unpleasant to work with. Black smoke is one of these unpleasant ones and by the end of the day the fx crew look like chimney sweeps and can only be seen when they smile. Some smoke machines are available for hire without special effect operators as long as the safety guidelines are followed.

Available Effects:
  • ext. and int. smoke
  • mist
  • fog
  • dust rigs
  • cool safe steam
  • dry-ice smoke
  • ‘black’ smoke
  • dust from travelling vehicles
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