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About 'Rigging & Other Effects'

Special effects can be very challenging at times. Every Director or Photographer wants to be more original or better than the last so we don’t often get to do the same thing twice. Many times I’ve been asked “how and where does one train to do special effects?”, my answer is always the same, “you cant! We can teach you the basics and some safety procedures but then you just got to go and do it, watch and learn” Special effects encompasses most things. On any given day we need to be electricians, plumbers, motor mechanics, engineers, draughtsmen, designers, bricklayers, teachers, gunsmiths, welders, carpenters, fitter & turners, firemen, rigger, chemist etc. Then when we get onto set we need to be salesmen.

Available Effects:
  • cut-away baths
  • basins & toilets
  • break-away props
  • miniatures
  • air rigs
  • pneumatics
  • glass tanks
  • bubbles
  • treadmills
  • blood pumps
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Some Of The Services We Offer
  Water Effects - Rain, flooding, road wetting, wave simulation, water curtain, water cannons ... more  
Snow Effects - Falling snow, snow in trees and bushes, ground snow (various products) ... more
Wind Effects - Wind machines, fans and blowers for hire, breeze to gale-force effects, balloons ... more
Explosions & Fire Effects - Burning buildings and vehicles, bon fires, camp fires, beach fires, fireballs ... more
Smoke & Related Effects - Ext. and int. smoke, mist, fog, dust rigs, cool safe steam, dry-ice smoke ... more
Rigs & other effects - Cut-away baths, basins & toilets, break-away props, miniatures, air rigs ... more
Special effects equipment - Smoke machines, wind machines, water pumps, blowers ... more
Prosthetics & Fabrication - Cut off limbs, bullet hits, articulated dummies, tattoos, moulding, weapons, collapsible walls ... more

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